Jeff Blandford Gallery

I live in clay

But I dream in glass

My work is a combination of my interests within design, nature, materials, and science.

Using natural materials to create pottery


Science + Art

I’m fascinated by different materials.  Clay will do things that glass can not. And vice versa.  I often fire an unusual material like toothpaste-  just to see what happens.  It is that sense of discovery that keeps me wondering.

Follow your curiosities

It is so important to me that my work keeps evolving. When I speak to art students, I often tell them to follow their curiosities.  Eat your broccoli, you just may be the best broccoli farmer that ever lived. Try new things. Doubt what you know, and ask questions.  After repeating this enough, I realized I should make a conscious effort to do the same. It is my curiosity, and following it that led to many of my most unique creations. I was watching a documentary on bioluminescent ocean life. I wondered more and started googling. This led to my formula of Glow Glass. I find outer space to be fascinating, so I bought a telescope. This telescope led to my experiments with lunar landscapes. So much of my work these days is dictated by the wonders of nature and science. The more that I look, the more curious that I become. 

Recent Work

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