This is my 20th year with the Jeff Blandford Gallery.  I still, "can't" draw.  I remember making crafts as a kid and seriously wanting to be an artist as early as elementary school.  

I have no idea.  I wish I had kept track.  My best serious guess is that in the last 20 years I've sent over 20,000 works of art into the world.  Mostly small, simple "potter things."  

I use a variety of materials within my work.  Most of my art is ceramic, made with fired clay.  I blow glass, use metals, and harvest local materials from the earth.  All of my materials must be inorganic and capable of reaching 2,000 + degrees.  

I had a serious wonder many years ago.  "At what point will a lot of clay be "too much" clay, and cause a piece to collapse?"  In 2004 I began my quest to find out.   I made bigger and bigger bowls until I found the strongest pottery wheel that was commercially made.   During those years I made vases that were 6 feet tall, and bathtub-sized bowls up to 400 pounds of clay.  

I enjoy making all of the things that are in my gallery.  Working with wild clays that I dig up from my backyard, as well as blowing glass are currently my favorites.  Finding a way for science to connect with art is my latest curiosity. 

I make work that is purely decorative, but I also make works with the intention of daily usage.  Depending on the types of materials used and temperatures achieved, there is a full range of offerings.  Ceramics mugs and bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe, and glass drinking vessels are dishwasher safe.  

Yes. Shipping can be arranged at the cost of the customer.   

Any item that looks like a cup, can certainly be used as such.   There are no toxic glazes used in my work.   

My world is quite seasonal, but a typical month may use between 500 and 1,000 pounds of clay. 

There is a range of temperatures used in my work.  Most work reaches temperatures between 1,800 and 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit.  

The glass studio is much more intimidating than it is actually dangerous.  With proper knowledge and safety, burns are usually very minor.  The most common injury would be a tiny cut from a sharp piece of glass or glaze.   

Over the years I've taught in a lot of different forms.  Currently I am too busy to teach, and am focusing on studio time and creating.  

I no longer offer casual custom works.  Please inquire about Corporate Gifts, Commercial Projects, and work for Interior Design.