My first experience seeing glassblowing was in the 2nd grade.  It wasn’t just the act of glassblowing that blew my young mind, it was the material.  Like lava, it was glowing.  GLOWING!  I watched in awe, unable to talk to my classmates as they watched too.  Even more than ceramics, I knew I was drawn towards glassmaking and molten anything.  I enjoyed the warmth and the glow, so surely, I would enjoy the rest of it, I figured.  

I was 19 when I first blew glass.  I was hooked immediately and curious to the many differences between clay and glass.  Suddenly light can go through a piece.  This is the reason that I work primarily with transparent colored glasses-I love the colored light and shadows a piece creates.  Glass will do things that clay cannot, and clay will do things that glass cannot.   I use my glass studio to explore flavors of my own glasswork that touches on the textures, colors, and lines of vintage glass.   

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